Jon Hawkes

Sometime circus strongman, underground press editor, lighthouse keeper and bookseller, Jon is the author of the ground breaking ‘The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability: culture’s essential role in public planning’ (Common Ground, 01) and is one of Australia’s leading commentators on cultural policy. ‘Fourth pillar thinking’ has spread worldwide, with Jon making presentations in the USA, Canada, Spain and New Zealand.

He is the Resident Cultural Analyst with the Cultural Development Network of Victoria and has been Director of Community Music Victoria (01-08), a Fellow of the Community Cultural Development Board (Australia Council) (04-05), Director of the Australian Centre of the International Theatre Institute (91-98), Director of the Community Arts Board of the Australia Council (82-87) and was a founding member of Circus Oz and the Australian Performing Group (Pram Factory).

A visit to The Hawkes Library will show you some of the material that Jon has been producing since the Fourth Pillar.