Calls for new cultural policy abound

It’s way too late at night for me to be thinking clearly, but I have to put this stuff up, if only because of its synchronicity. On the western side of the Pacific, we have Oz Arts Minister Peter Garrett announcing a ten point framework that may lead to a national cultural policy.

And, on the other side of the ocean we have ccd advocate Arlene Goldbard giving us the backstory to a not dissimilar push for a new cultural policy in USA.

Both polemics emphasise the capacity and value of citizens telling their own stories- making their own culture. How much of this good, and well-expressed, intent survives the ravages of future phases of the processes will depend on many factors, not least the commitment of cultural activists to engage in the debate.

These initial expressions, along with Jordi Pascual’s recent work in Europe (see my post of 25/10) are moving the issue into new territory, making it possible to imagine that the ways we go about making sense together may become a topic debated on the street, in community halls, in schools by ordinary folk,

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