Music in the air

Yesterday, I gave the final session of the lecture series I’ve been doing at Melbourne Uni. Normally, Kat McFerran and I co-deliver, but as she was off doing another gig, we decided to use the last session to show the students the recent pbs(US) doco, The Music Instinct because, as well as being well made, it covers very much the same ground as the series. I look forward to it being broadcast here.

Not being used to being a lecturer, I find the moment of saying goodbye quite odd. What effect has twelve weeks had? Will any of the 160 see the world differently as a result? And so on …

The night before, on ABC Radio I listened to some of the Australia Talks show, Music & Identity; its guests included Shelley Morris who I had seen the week before in dirtsong. The talk was of the connections between people and place through music – how we discover through music a sense of belonging, and how we celebrate those connections musically.

And then this morning, found that the Music Show had a couple of segments on grassroots singing: inspirational tales of women who have devoted their lives to bringing out the singing in others.

All of which made me feel some nostalgia for my time with Community Music Victoria.

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